Frog Fun: Making crayon nebulae and Life of a Star

This morning in morning meeting I told the frogs a story about watching the stars. On Friday I came with Ms. Heather and some friends and watched the stars while laying on Toad Mountain. We saw the planet Jupiter, the constellation Orion, and a meteor shower! I then showed the children pictures of nebulae to get them ready for small group.


In Ms. Merle’s small group this morning the children smashed crayons. They then arranged the crayon bits on wax paper and a teacher ironed them to make nebulae! It was also an exercise in color mixing. the children got to see what happened when different colors mixed!


In Science Sarah’s small group the children acted out the birth and death of a star. They began as nebulae floating in space – large clouds of dust, ice, and gasses. They then began to vibrate and move faster as their molecules moved faster. Then they started to spin as they became dense and round stars shining brightly. Later, their arms and bodies moved as there were constant explosions coming from the center. Then they began to grow as they got older, then shrink as they ran out of explosions and became a dark, cold rock. Their was music along with Science Sarah’s descriptions to keep the mood going. The children really got into it and enjoyed it!


Outdoors today the frogs played on swings and monkey bars, as usual. They also played basketball and ran around the yard. Ms. Teresa put the old parachute up on top of Toad Mountain, and some of the children pretended to be pirates. Other children played Hungry Hippos with me, and I died several times after eating certain children who were poisonous! We also acted out a story that one of the children wrote.


Centers this morning were junk art, water with wetland animals, kitchen and dishes, and Lincoln logs with dollhouse people. It was another great day at the Pond!



Diana Patterson

Lead Frog Teacher


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