Frog Fun:exercise and healthy eating

Today we sang Good Morning as we got our bodies moving to get ready for the day. Then the children chose their small groups.


In Ms. Teresa’s group this morning the children learned about exercise, how it helps your heart pump blood faster, and how it’s healthy for you.

The did several different exercises and stretches in 30-second and 15-second intervals respectively. Then they led each other in their own made-up exercises! It was a fun time!


In Ms. Merle’s small group the children learned about the different food groups – grains, protein, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. They had a plate diagram and were able to sort pictures of food according to where they belonged in the food groups on the plate. You’ll find a copy of the diagram in your child’s art folder today. It comes from the USDA My Plate food guidelines, which replace the food guide pyramid that many of us adults grew up with. Take it home and talk with your child about it!


Outdoors today it was rainy and cold. It was only a light rain though. The children bundled up and went out. Many of them enjoyed using chalk in the tunnel, on the playground, on the stumps, and in the outdoor classroom. It was interesting to see how the chalk colored differently on dry surfaces versus wet ones. While outdoors we found a dead cardinal that had been eaten. All that was left were red and black feathers of many sizes, some still in clumps, and the head of the bird. We asked questions and suggested answers to think about what might have happened to the bird. We also played Hungry Hippo.


Centers this morning were markers, woodland animals and natural materials, wetland stuffed animals, and cardboard brick blocks. One of the frogs brought in a new dinosaur puzzle donation that the children decided to try.

It was another great day at the Pond!




Lead Frog Teacher


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