Tadpole Tales: Seeds and Grains


This morning, the Tadpoles made bird feeders out of gum balls (seed pods from sweet gum trees), shortening, and sunflower seeds. The Tadpoles spooned the shortening on a gum ball, spread it out, then dipped the gum ball in a bowl of seeds. The feeders turned out good. The Tadpoles learned that seeds and grains are healthy and good for our bodies. They learned that animals eat seeds and grains too.

In the back room, the Tadpoles played with legos. They spread them all out, sat in the midst of them, and built whatever came to their minds. Ms. Awatif sat with them and built towers of all shapes and sizes.

In the front room, a carpet of bubble wrap was laid out and the Tadpoles all walked on it, jumped on, and tiptoed across it, giggling the whole time as the bubbles popped under their feet. Once all the bubbles were popped, the Tadpoles played with trains at the train table. They built a cool track and pushed the trains around it, over and over.

Outside, the Tadpoles helped me hang the bird feeders. After that, the Tadpoles played with cars, swings, sticks, and houses. A group of Tadpoles found a bucket full of rain water. I showed them what happens when a rock is dropped into it. After that, they all handed me different objects to drop into it. They watched leaves float down to it, floating at the top, sticks falling down and bobbing at the top, and rocks falling and making fun splashes.

It was a great day at Frog Pond.


~Miss Heather


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