Frog Fun: Highlights from the Pipeline Trail

Today during morning meeting we sang Three Nice Mice! We then got ready for some of the class to walk on the Pipeline trail.

The Pipeline trail runs between our property to the south and Huntley Meadows. We decided to take it today to check out some of the excellent rotting logs and talk about how they turn into soil. Science Sarah and Merle took the kids. They found a huge oak tree that had fallen a couple years ago. It was soft and falling apart in many places. They found tunnels from little insects. They found where plants were growing in dark, rich soil on the tree. They also found fungus growing on it. They read a book called “One Small Place in a Tree” and talked about how many living things use trees for shelter and food, and the tree eventually dies and is turned into soil over time. They looked at the tree they’d found and compared it to what they’d read in the book. They found them to be very similar in some ways! It was an exciting discovery!

At Frog Pond we watched a short video of a squirrel gathering acorns and carrying them away, and even eating them. We then went out to the Meadow by Grandmother Oak Tree, where we pretended to be squirrels! We moved our bodies like squirrels and we gathered as many acorns as we could. WE hid them in piles throughout the yard. There were hundreds of acorns under Grandmother Oak Tree. WE talked about how squirrels are gathering the acorns so they have enough food when it’s cold in the winter.

At Toad Mountain today some of the frogs enjoyed chipping apart a stump in our yard. It too has grown soft with age. They found that the bits of soft wood actually made marks when scratched on a hard surface. They had fun “coloring” with the wood. Other frogs played superheroes and scary monsters. Some frogs enjoyed the swings and monkey bars. Others enjoyed the large blocks and built a robot out of them. I took some frogs to the Meadow to hunt for the acorn piles that the other group had hidden during small group time. They found them, and they hid more piles for other children to find. I then took another group of children to find and gather acorns from what were hidden. It was a fun game to play!

Centers this morning were colored blocks with dollhouse people, occupational dress-up, beans with containers, and playdough. It was another fabulous day!

Ms. Diana                                                                                                                                                             Lead Frog Teacher


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