Frog Fun: Imaginary Play, Garden Harvest, Huntley Meadows

Our Frog class sure has been busy this week! Here is a recap of what our senior class has been up to …

On Monday we explored some unusual means of travel: riding on camels and elephants and even a cart drawn by turkeys! After looking at pictures with Science Sarah, the children pretended to ride on camels or elephants. Some children wanted to be the camel!

On Tuesday and Wednesday the children harvested basil from Diana’s (Lead Frog Teacher) garden, and make tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese salad to eat. Some children built 3 train cars in the back room, outlined in blocks, the pretended to ride the dining car, the sleeper and the passenger car.

On Wednesday the Dragonflies went to Huntley Meadows with Science Sarah and Miss Merle. The children were full of energy and silliness, but it was wonderful to see them snap to attention when a frog or turtle was spotted. They flitted back and forth across the boardwalk, calling to each other and pointing out each new wonder. There was a contest for who could find the smallest frog; the babies are just emerging, and some are 1/2 inch long. We found huge bullfrog tadpoles, 3-4 inches long, including one with only 2 legs and a stumpy tail. One child was quite excited to find 4 water striders (bugs that can walk on water).

We watched a squirrel hang upside down on the trunk of a tree. The kids wondered if it was a flying squirrel or a gray squirrel. The Park Manager happened to be passing by, so we asked him about flying squirrels. He explained to us that there are actually more flying squirrels in the park than grey squirrels, but the flying squirrels come out only at night.

Today the one group of Frogs played a magnet fishing game, catching pictures of native fishes, while another group took photos of insects in their habitats. Tomorrow we’ll make a book from the photos.


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