Tadpole Tales: Compost, Garden, and Harvest

This morning the Tadpoles looked at the photographs from a couple articles in a National Geographic with me. The one I focused on showed pictures of wheat and vegetable crops. One photo showed people harvesting their crop. We talked about the parts of plants, harvesting them when they’re ripe, and that the dirt is where the plants get their food. After that we looked at pictures of elephants and sailfish hunting smaller fish.

Outside, the Tadpoles played in games in the houses and went on adventures in the climbing area. While they were playing I took two Tadpoles at a time out to the garden and then showed them the compost pile. At the garden I had the Tadpoles tell me what plants they saw. After saying what it was (often they noticed the tomatoes), I asked them if the food was ready to eat. Most of the Tadpoles understood that they were not (there was nothing ready to harvest) and when asked when they can be eaten they were able to tell me “when it’s red” or even “when it’s ripe” (I was so happy they remembered the term).

After checking out the garden, we walked over to Grandmother Oak Tree Meadow and looked at the compost pile that is back there. The Tadpoles learned that the leaves, plants, vegetables, and fruits that are put in there eventually turn into dirt. When the trips were over, the Tadpoles played in the yard some more. The weather was fantastic, so we ate lunch outside, all together. The Tadpoles
enjoyed talking with each other over their meal.

It was an awesome day at Frog Pond!

Ms. Heather
Lead Tadpole Teacher

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