Heather’s Tadpole Tales in June

Imagine a beach. The water is a dark blue-green. You see five children, ranging from age 7 to 15 (the seven year old is especially cute!). They are walking along the beach with their mother, looking for a spot that is not too crowded. They find one and settle in. The younger ones, a 7 year old girl and two boys, 11 and 12, quickly put their towels down and run for the water. The two older children, 14 and 15 year old girls, and their mother take their time in setting their towels out and arranging themselves on them. Once settled, they pull out books and begin reading. The mother checks on the children in the water often. Periodically she calls them to her and checks their lips. Why? Because the beach of Monterrey, California is super cold!

My mother would check our lips to see how cold we were. If our lips began to have a light purple hue to them, she would have us sit in the sun and warm up. Going to the beach was my family’s way of vacationing. We didn’t have to go far (a 15 minute drive), it was free, and it was always a ton of fun.

June is the month in which summer officially starts. Many families will be taking vacations to various places. In the Tadpole classroom, they will learn about what it is to go on vacation. Some vacations involve large family gatherings, some are just the immediate family going somewhere special. Some will fly, some will drive. The Tadpoles will understand all the different types of vacations.

The Tadpoles will help tend their growing gardens during this month. June is when a lot of the plants they’ve planted will start to get big. The Tadpoles will learn about weeding out hurtful plants and help keep the garden well tended. They will help water the plants and watch them grow. Also, with beautiful flowers blooming all over the place, the Tadpoles will learn about pollination and the animals that help with that process, like butterflies and bees.

June is a transition month and it will be fun moving from spring to summer with the Tadpoles.

Lead Tadpole Teacher

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