Tadpole Tales: Cruising in Kayaks

This morning, the Tadpoles got to float boats in water in the media table. The paper one, of course, got soggy, so I made some out of foil as well. The Tadpoles had fun blowing on them and using their hands to move them about.

Later, I showed two videos of boats. One was of a giant cruise ship and the other was of people kayaking in the Everglades. The Tadpoles and I talked about vacations that people take that involve boats. Some people like to go on big ships that have pools and food and go to different places. Others like to go on small boats to see cool things in nature. Whenever the cruise ship blew its horn on the video, the Tadpoles got excited and laughed.

Outside, the Tadpoles got to go on their own kayaking tour with Science Sarah. The kayak was in the grass by the maple tree and the Tadpoles went straight to it. Science Sarah brought out life jackets (too big for the Tadpoles, but fun nonetheless) and the Tadpoles put them on. Science Sarah pretended to go over rapids, on smooth gentle water, through a tunnel of trees, and along the Potomac. One group even went to the arctic and saw sea lions and whales.

After going on adventures with Science Sarah, the Tadpoles took me on a train ride to “Boston Chicken.” That was their chosen destination. When we got there we got off the trains, went to the picnic tables, ate, then got back on the train.

It was another great day at Frog Pond.

~Miss Heather
Lead Tadpole Teacher


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