Oh, the Joys of June at a Nature-Based Preschool

June … what are your childhood memories of the month of June?

  • Do you remember the ice cream man?
  • Riding your bike in the heat and humidity with an Otterpop in your mouth?
  • Running through sprinklers?
  • Playing in the sand, in the playhouse, on the playground?
  • Climbing trees?
  • The loud hum and buzz of insects like cicadas, bees, flies, and crickets?
  • Catching fireflies?
  • Little League Baseball?
  • Barbecues?
  • Camping?
  • Going on trips to visit family or to see nature in other places or historic sites?

These things and many more comprise my childhood memories of June, and summer in general.

It’s been interesting to watch the seasons this year… April and May seem to have flopped places, giving us more rain in May than the previous month. We’ll see what June brings us. June is an exciting month for so many reasons. It is the beginning of summer. It brings with it new and exciting plans and travels, a change of routine, a break from the norm.

This June we will continue to focus our activities on what happens in nature, including observing butterflies and tending gardens. As our plants grow, we’ll take care of them, weeding the garden, and planting more plants. Perhaps we’ll even see a little early harvest toward the end of this month!

As the flowers in the butterfly garden bloom, we’ll see more and more of those beautiful insects. We’ll watch their lifecycle in detail; maybe even keep some eggs and caterpillars in the classroom.

We’ll also have opportunities to share with one another our travel plans, such as: where we’re going, how we’re getting there, who we’re going with, what or whom we’ll see, etc. We encourage you, as you travel with your children, to send postcards to us! It’ll make our curriculum rich with pictures and discussions of places our friends have been. We’ll talk about modes of transportation and maybe even do some pretend play around the theme of travel.

And as always, we’ll watch nature and take our cues from her! If something happens, and we’re curious about it, we may drop other plans and focus on that moment, for that is where real, lasting learning occurs. There is also a possibility we’ll go on field trips to the farmer’s market, the library, and other exciting places.

This month we’ll also dive into new curriculum with the Dragonflies, a group distinguished from the others by the fact that they will be in Kindergarten this fall. You’ll hear from me each day on what the Dragonflies did and what they learned. Some days we will play games; others we will write stories. On others we will make art projects; other days we’ll work on beginning math and literacy concepts. Some days we may play outdoor games to let out some excess energy. This will happen around 2:20 until 3:15 or so each day. The rest of the day they will be with all the other frogs. Throughout the summer we’ll gradually work to build stamina and academic skills for Kindergarten.

Hooray for June!

Lead Frog Teacher

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