Frog Fun: Plant Comparisons

In small group, we took time to compare similar plants. We did a mini-center rotation, rather than small groups. There were three plant comparison stations:

  1. One comparing myrtle and honeysuckle.
  2. Next they compared mock strawberries and real strawberries.
  3. Finally, we had a station for eating strawberries.

Of course the children’s favorite part was eating the strawberries!

We split them into three groups and had the groups rotate through each of the centers. They were able to find several differences in the leaves, flowers, and fruits of the plants.

Outdoors today the weather was lovely and balmy! We had light rain in the morning, but it finished shortly after we went out to play. The children enjoyed splashing in puddles and blowing in the muddy water with pipes! They also had a great time running, climbing monkey bars, swinging, sliding, rolling tires and balls down the hill, etc. Some caught a cabbage white butterfly and kept it in a butterfly house for an hour or two.

We also played some games at Toad Mountain today. We played an old favorite and introduced the newer frogs to it – Gazumbot. One person is in the middle and is the fire keeper. He has to keep his eyes closed because he is blind. There are keys or some other noisy object in front of him. Every one stands in a circle around him and tries to sneak up to get the keys. If he hears you, he’ll point and then you have to go back to your spot and try again. If you get the keys, you’re the next Gazumbot. There were probably 8 or 9 children who chose to play the game. We played several rounds, they had such a fun time with it! Afterwards another child had an Idea for a chasing game. Each person was to be a train. A diesel train would try to catch you. If you were caught by a diesel, you became a diesel and tried to get the other trains too. Everyone had a fun time! We also enjoyed a picnic at Toad Mountain today.

Centers were making things with natural materials, beans with containers, dollhouse, and train tracks. The children had fun in all the different available activities! It was another fun day at the Pond!

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