Tadpole Tales: Wetlands and Huntley Meadows

The Tadpoles learned about wetlands this morning. They viewed pictures of animals and plants that are found in the Huntley Meadows wetlands and then they colored animals to make their own wetland book (a pond in this case). They had fun coloring the pictures, which they will put together in a book on Friday.

It was a Huntley Meadows day today. Those Tadpoles who went saw lots of different wildlife including woodpeckers, red-winged black birds, snapping turtles, another kind of turtle that is smaller, brown and green frogs, tadpoles, and geese. Along the pathway to the boardwalk there were a lot of different kinds of plants. They saw miniature white rose bushes (no blossoms yet), various vines, trees, and my favorite, ferns. We made
multiple stops on the boardwalk to sit quietly, watching, and waiting for the turtles and frogs to go about their business. We even got to see a dragonfly lay eggs in the water.

Those who stayed at Frog Pond got to go to the butterfly garden and learn about butterflies. After exploring the garden the Tadpoles went to Grandmother Oak Tree meadow and played around in the yard.

It was an awesome day at Frog Pond!

Miss Heather
Lead Tadpole Teacher

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