Spring Brings New Life to Frog Pond

Today we found and observed many new creatures of different shapes and sizes! Hooray for the new life of spring!

This morning we discovered two crickets in our classroom, one of them quite small. It had to have been a nymph, or smaller version of the adult. Then outdoors we found a ladybug larva. It looks nothing like its parents. It is black and orange, has six legs, and is spikey!

We also turned over logs and ofund all kinds of creatures living there. We found ants carrying their eggs and larvae to safety. We found worms, millipedes, slugs, and beetles. And, the coolest discovery in my opinion, we found a large (1 inch body, 2 inch leg span) black and brown mama spider protecting her greenish-white egg sac. The egg sac was almost as big as her abdomen!

We also observed the ducklings as they played and splashed in the water with their mamas. They are so cute! And they’re growing so fast! Take time to check them out sometime when you’re here.

Lead Frog Teacher

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