Frog Fun: A Visit from A Vet!

Today we were excited to welcome the mother of one of our students. Ms. Cassandra, a veterinarian, taught us about what she does in her work. She brought several things to show us, such as preserved ticks, tapeworms, ringworms, and a plastic model of a dog’s heart with a heart worm. She came dressed in her uniform with her stethoscope around her neck. The children eagerly participated and quickly saw the similarities between doctors and veterinarians. Ms. Cassandra also taught them how to prevent dog bites. If approaching a dog on a leash, you should always ask the owner before petting the dog. If a dog without a leash approaches you, be a tree! The children where taught to stand straight and tall with hands by their sides, completely silent, and not looking at the dog. The dog will sniff and then walk away.

Outdoors today some children played in the tent they had constructed yesterday. Others played with wheelbarrows and pretended there was a bad guy at the North Pole (top of Toad Mountain). Some found glue, glitter, chalk, and mesh fabric and made some artwork on paper. Others climbed, ran, swung, jumped etc. We also went to the Meadow, adjacent to Toad Mountain, and played Aviator. It’s a game in which one person is the air traffic controller and the rest are airplanes. Air traffic control tells them when to go, and then warns them if there is bad weather, such as a tornado, hurricane, or thunderstorm. If there is bad weather, they must turn around and go back. Whoever gets to the other side of the meadow first becomes the next air traffic controller for the next round. They had great fun racing across the meadow as airplanes! We also enjoyed a picnic outside and a little extra play time before coming in.

Centers this morning were watercolors, wooden blocks with ramps and cars, water with containers and exotic animals. It was another fun and busy day at the Pond!

Ms. Diana
Lead Frog Teacher

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