Frog Fun: Erosion and Baby Animals

Continuing our study of water this month, during small group time in the Frog class one group learned about erosion with a model watershed. Science Sarah used modeling clay to create a slope on which they put dirt. Then they poured “rain” on it (water through a colander) and watched as the dirt flowed downhill. They discussed how this then creates wetlands in the valley areas and helps the trees grow. They also put a patch of moss on the slope and watched how the water pooled and was soaked up by the plants. After the children went to Toad Mountain, Science Sarah went on an “erosion scavenger hunt” where they found several places where the soil was being washed away.

In my group we read parts of a book about baby animals, how they’re born, how they grow, whether or not their parents take care of them, etc. We then acted out being baby animals in the back room. The children loved pretending to be baby animals! Some of them were chipmunks; others were raccoons or birds. We greatly anticipate the hatching of our ducklings,
which are due this week!

Another highlight today was the “growing up” of two new tadpoles to become frogs! The two came down with their Tadpole tails on, which we removed and gave them Frog hats instead! We then sang them a welcome song as we held hands in a circle and walked around them, while they stood in the center of the circle, taking it all in. Our class is growing!

Ms. Diana
Lead Frog Teacher

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