Tadpoles: Water Cycle and Huntley Meadows

The Tadpoles enjoyed watching a video depicting the water cycle with classical music playing in the background. It was fun pointing out different parts of the video and asking them what they saw. They understand that the sun makes water go into the air and that the water in the air turns into clouds. They learned that clouds with lots of water in them turn into rain clouds and that the rain falls and becomes water in puddles, rivers, and oceans. I played the video a few times so they could each have an opportunity to share what they knew.

Some of the Tadpoles also enjoyed a trip to Huntley Meadows where they saw an ant colony that lives in a tree. They watched as the ants went about their business. They saw an Oak Tree sapling and squirrels running around. They saw and heard birds flitting about and talking to each other. They also learned about Poison Ivy; what it looks like and what will happen to their skin if they touch it.

The Tadpoles who stayed at Frog Pond played in the houses and the sand around the houses. After a little while the Tadpoles got to go on a walk to the butterfly garden and then to Grandmother Oak Tree. At Grandmother Oak Tree the Tadpoles asked to tell stories and each took turns doing so. We hear the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, Cinderella, a made up story about a bear and a butterfly, and  enjoyed hearing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sung to us.

~Miss Heather
Lead Tadpole Teacher

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