April Brings Showers and Lots of Frog Fun

At Frog Pond, where our foundation is built on science and nature study, our curriculum is closely linked to natural cycles.

In April we celebrate the life-giving beauty of the rain, as it waters the earth, stimulating life and new growth. We plant our gardens, starting them from seeds, and expecting to tend them through the summer to fruition. We play in the rain, the mud, and the muck, enjoying the sensations and creating lasting memories.

We learn about water, its importance to the earth and to us, its cycle from ground to sky to ground again, and so forth. We’ll also learn more about seeds and plants, what they need to grow and how to care for them.

We’ll also prepare for and host the Grandmother Oak Tree Tea Party on May 2nd. The Frogs will be involved in the details of planning and preparing for the party, from creating invitations, to making food. We look forward to this celebration with you all, as part of our Frog Pond Family. Spring is in full swing, and we’ll experience it to the fullest!


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