Family Work Party Success!

Thank you to all of our families for the large and enthusiastic participation in the Family Work Party and to those who solved the Work Party “Puzzler.” This year it was a group of six or seven dads who created an amphitheater out of loose parts. The result is three 12 foot-long plank benches on the back side of Toad Mountain and a stage that is 12’ x 8’made of plywood with an underpinning of pallets and scavenged lumber. It was reminiscent of last year when the play equipment was constructed out of loose parts, without a manual. I was amused and pleased with the problem solving that went into this effort. The backside of Toad Mountain is already being referred to as “Story Mountain.” Now the story enactments will have a real stage and a place for the audience.

The second big activity was the creation of the perimeter organic gardens in the fenced area in the Tadpole yard. The landscape ties were cut to size and the groundhog proofing chicken wire skirt was installed under the dirt on the outside of the fence. As soon as the students create dirt from straw, compost, sand and topsoil, they can plant the seedlings that they are cultivating indoors. There will also be a second attempt at the sunflower hut in the protected area inside of the fence. Last year the sunflower hut project was “nipped in the bud” by hungry groundhogs.

Thanks also to the wood stainers, roto-tillers, mulch spreaders, pothole fillers, and the flower transplanters. The Frogs’ outdoor classroom floor has been graded and we will be topping it with mulch as soon as we can purchase some. The county was out of mulch. Due to the mild winter, there were not as many downed trees to shred causing a shortage.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Work Party, we are now officially prepared for Spring and the April showers that will bring May flowers. There is a report that our Mallard Momma is sitting on 20 eggs. That is a sure sign of Spring!

In addition to bringing April showers, this month is also a time of clearing and preparing the gardens. April also signals the start of some of our spring celebrations and rituals: including picture day, our annual Grandmother Oak Tree Tea Party , and Frog graduation.

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