Child’s Play: Using Balloons to Learn About Wind

March is an idea time to explore wind. Children love balloons. What better way to teach children about the wind than to incorporate one of their favorite play things.

Last week, the children brought balloons to Toad Mountain. We blew them up and put several in large garbage bags to make “air chairs.” The children loved sitting on the new chairs and experiencing the feeling of the balloons bouncing back. Some of them chose to sit and bounce so hard that they popped the balloons. Rounds of giggling ensued!

Some children wanted their own balloons to play with, so teachers blew up balloons for individual children. Others tried blowing up balloons themselves. Some of the older children were able to get their breaths going forcefully enough to actually blow up the balloons!

Another favorite thing to do was to blow up a balloon and let it go. It would fly all over in crazy patterns as the departing air propelled it around. Fun!

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