Diana Delves into Frog Class Fun – Welcome Spring!

As Spring approaches, I have noticed more and more, the beautiful sounds of birds. They are returning to welcome Spring! Though February was rather unpredictable, we hope that March will bring more of the warm, balmy weather that we love. We shall see what the wind brings to us.

I have been at Frog Pond for a little over a year now. Since I started, all my senses have become more attuned to the subtle, gradual changes that each season brings. The winds of March bring a sense of newness to everything around us. I love to feel the spring winds blowing through my hair and on my skin. I love to lay in the warm sunshine and soak it in. I also love the wetness of the warm rains and stomping in mud puddles. It was a childhood passion of mine.

The warmer weather wakens many creatures from their long hibernations.

We begin to notice more insects, their eggs, and larvae under logs. We notice more birds chattering in the trees. The frogs come out from their muddy hibernation in the ponds to lay eggs. The cycle of humming, buzzing, vibrant life, begins anew.

The Frog class will begin noticing these signs of Spring. Their sparks of excitement and exploration of nature will grow to little flames. They are ready to learn and consume the details of what is happening around them. We will explore the wind, the directions in which it blows, what it can do, and how it affects our weather. We will clean out the gardens and prepare them for planting in April. We will soak up the sunshine and remember the growth and vitality it shares with us. As we observe creatures emerge, we will ask questions about them. We will do experiments and search books to find answers. We will give thanks for the goodness with which nature surrounds us and take care of the things we find. A grand celebration of the Renewal of Earth’s Natural Cycle begins now! Welcome, March, and welcome, Spring!

Lead Frog Teacher


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