Heather’s Tadpole Tales: March Adventures

You are at the park. Suddenly, the wind is blowing. You turn your head to catch the wind in your face. As you feel the wind blow against your face, you close your eyes and feel how your hair is whipped about. In that instant you think “kites!”

Next thing you know you are holding a spool of kite string; a kite high in the sky, zooming around. As you pull and give, the kite dances in the sky. Then just as suddenly as it started, the wind dies down. Your kite drops out of the sky and lands with a soft thud. As you lean down to pick up your kite you notice a beautiful patch of blooming crocuses. Instead of picking up the kite, you lay down in the grass, pick a crocus, and examine its intricacies; the purple and white petals, yellow stamen, and thin green leaves. Then you think to yourself, “Gosh, I love Spring.”

I had never seen a crocus before I moved here and I thought they were the most beautiful flowers. They are so delicate and give such a sense of Spring. Spring starts on the 20th of March this year. I hope to see crocuses blooming in the first week.

The Tadpoles will be able to celebrate spring in different ways. During the first few weeks of March the Tadpoles will help clear the yard and plant grass and clover seeds. As the month progresses we will plant seeds for flowers and foods that we will watch grow throughout the Spring and Summer. Then we will harvest them when they are ready. We will make and fly kites and paper helicopters to learn how wind affects objects. We will use bubbles to see the patterns in the wind as it blows. Clouds are great for showing how wind behaves high in the atmosphere. The Tadpoles will be able to watch birds gather twigs and string for making nests. They will visit Grandmother Oak tree for stories and laying in the grass looking for shapes in the clouds.

It will be a month of springtime fun at Frog Pond Preschool.

Lead Tadpole Teacher


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