A Day in the Life of a Tadpole: Vultures

What a great start to a new week at Frog Pond. The Tadpoles started their day with colored water (red) play in the media table. They splished and splashed, poured and dumped, and filled and emptied.

At the art table, the Tadpoles used their fingertips to paint leaves on a tree. They really like getting paint on their hands and spreading it on their papers.

While the Swimmers (younger Tadpoles) were getting their shoes on to go outside, the Jumpers (older Tadpoles) took turns pretending to be animals. There was a bear, a lion, and two ducks. Just before they started to sing, three snakes began to slither across the floor. Once the snakes were seated back on the carpet, the Jumpers took turns singing a song to each other.

Outside, the Tadpoles played on the balance beam. They walked across it and jumped off the end. The wood was made into a sea-saw and they took turns going up and down on it. The Tadpoles also played on the rocket ship slide and the other slide next to it.

In the middle of play time outside a shadow passed overhead. Upon looking up the Tadpoles and teachers saw two vultures circling overhead. They landed on the roof of the school. It was very exciting. The Tadpoles were curious about them for about 10 minutes; watching to see what the vultures would do. Eventually they flew away.

Inside, the Tadpoles played with legos. They filled the train table with towers and lego-trains. While that was happening, other Tadpoles were pushing baby dolls in carts and putting them to sleep.

It was a super fantastic day at Frog Pond!

Lead Tadpole Teacher


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