All-Natural Pioneer Toys

Today was a beautiful day! I showed the frogs some things I had found on a walk with my family this past weekend. There were balls of flying seeds, owl pellets, and a piece of animal fur. After I shared my story, some of the frogs went to Huntley Meadows. They took a slightly different path today, on which they found a large log to balance, walk, and climb on. They also enjoyed the beautiful weather, and heard many different bird sounds.

The other small group used sticks, rocks, sweetgum balls, and other natural materials, along with string, to make their own pioneer toys. Some made airplanes or birds. Another made a tennis racket. One made a dog on a leash. Another made a doll of a mother with a papoose (a Native American baby) on her back. They were quite creative in the variety and styles of their natural toys! Then we went out to Toad Mountain.

We enjoyed the weather so much that it wasn’t long before we had to take off our coats! We saw and heard many animals while at Toad Mountain today. There was a large ground hog that ran across the front of our yard and out under the gate. There was a woodpecker high in a dead tree, pecking away at the bark to find bugs for lunch. There was a turkey vulture soaring high over head in circles. And there were either hawks or falcons of some sort that made screatching sounds in the woods. We later saw them soaring in the sky. The children brought their pioneer toys outside and played with them. They also played on the stumps and swings, on the monkey bars, pretend play in a shelter of sticks, etc. We also played Hungry Hippo. The frogs also spent some time outside at lunchtime, since we enjoyed a picnic today!

Lead Frog Teacher

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