A Busy Day at the Pond

Wow! Today has been an eventful day! This morning we welcomed two former
tadpoles into our frog class! We are excited for them in this new step of their
journey at Frog Pond. We welcomed them with music and with frog crowns
to replace their tadpole tails.

For small group time some of the children made surprises to send home in
the mail! They will be delivering it to the mailbox on Thursday. The other
small group read a story called The Giant Hug and acted it out. In this
story, a boy wants to send his grandma a hug through the mail, and each
successive mail carrier passes along his hug, until the last mail carrier
gives the boy’s grandma a hug. The children really enjoyed it, and learned
what happens to mail at the same time!

We also had a special visit from a doctor today! One student’s mother
volunteered to talk about what she does as a pediatrician. She showed many
of the tools she uses in her work, and even let the children try them out
on themselves and each other! It was great fun, and very informative!

Toad Mountain was a busy place this morning as many frogs ran and played!
With increasing enrollment and tadpoles becoming frogs, we had many more
frogs than usual, and it was exciting! It was interesting to watch the
social dynamics as the newer frogs tried to find their place. There
were tag games going on, and pretend play. Children were swinging and
digging, jumping on stumps, playing football, and building with PVC pipes
and joints. The children had a grand time on this beautiful day!

This mornings centers were letter-making, ice with arctic animals, party
dress-up, and building with natural materials. The children also enjoyed
dancing and making music in the back room (as they always do.)!

In short, there was a lot of busy-ness happening, and everyone loved it!


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