Pumping Hearts and Spreading Germs

During small group time today, one group learned about their hearts by doing exercises and using a stethoscope, the same activity a different group did yesterday. They had a great time! Another group learned about how their noses spread germs! They mixed white, yellow, and green paint to make “mucous.” Then they went around the room, touching things and playing with toys, while their hands were covered in “mucous.” What a mess they made! They cleaned it all up with warm water and soap and sponges in the media table.

Outdoors today some children expressed an interest in drawing on the tunnel walls. So we got out the chalk and let them have at it! Some children extended their artwork to some wood panels and other playground equipment. They were decorating for a pretend bubblegum festival. They are pretty resourceful people! The rule for chalk was that each child could have only one piece at a time. So, several children each got one piece of a different color, and pooled their resources so several colors were available, and they didn’t have to go running back and forth!

Other frogs rediscovered the joy of sliding down the slides on Toad Mountain. They tried going down many different ways, including sideways, backwards, upside-down, on their tummies, etc. Then they made it a dirt slide by sliding down with rocks and dirt! Other frogs challenged themselves on the hand-over-hand bars. They loved the challenge of height and skill, with the safety of a teacher there to catch them if they fell. Some frogs finally roped me into playing turtle and chipmunk flop–again! 🙂 Others wrote stories which we then acted out on Story Mountain. One was about Skooby-Doo, and the other about a girl and her adventures.

We danced to silly songs after breakfast again this morning. They enjoy getting out their wiggles in this way! Centers this morning were glue with craft sticks and scraps, sand with animals, woodland stuffed animals, and colored blocks. It was another fabulous and beautiful day!

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