Oh what a beautiful morning…..

Today was a beautiful day for enjoying the outdoors, and that is exactly what we did! Half the class went to Huntley Meadows this morning, while the other group had small group time and played on Toad Mountain. From what I understand, the Huntley Meadows group saw a lot of Canadian Geese, as well as two ducks, possibly mallards. They enjoyed the walk and came back worn out.

For small group at Frog Pond, we read a book called The Keeping Quilt. It talked about a quilt that was special to an immigrant family from Russia. Then we cut out squares for our own quilt… to be decorated at home. We then enjoyed the great outdoors at Toad Mountain! The children dug in the muddy digging pit, played on swings and; monkey bars, etc. We also took a little time to watch the bird feeder that was placed in the meadow, just on the other side of the fence from Toad Mountain. We saw and heard some chicadees! We used my bird field guide to identify them. The children played their own running games, and then of couse, we all played Turtle Flop.

It was such a glorious day today that we decided to have a picnic outside! So the children all ate together outside and played some afterwards, before coming in for table toys. During table toys time, we played a variation of the animal habitats game. This was a “race to the finish” type of board game that required drawing a card from the pile and identifying whether an animal was a mammal, fish, bird, amphibian, reptile, insect, or arachnid. Once that was determined, The child would move his/her marker to the next space depicting that type of animal. We talked about the different coverings those animals had, such as scales, fur, feathers, wet skin, etc. Some of the children really caught on to identifying what types the animals were!

This morning’s centers were stringing beads, rice with cooking utensils, occupational dress-up, and building things with junk. One child built a very creative garbage machine. Others really enjoyed cooking things with rice, using muffin tins, egg beaters, funnels, bowls, etc. Some of them also had a great time playing doctor, using doctor toys and helping a “sick” child. We also enjoyed music time, singing and dancing to silly songs.

Diana Lead Frog Teacher

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