Icy Day at the Pond

Today was another fun day at the Pond! In small group some of the children helped Science Sarah make pine cone bird feeders to hang on the trees outside. Hopefully we’ll  be able to attract and start identifying many different birds! They also boiled a type of animal fat called suet and made mini-muffin-size cakes of suet and birdseed.

The other group acted out a firefighter scenario, in which some children were residents at the loft house in the back room. Their house caught on fire and they had to call 911. The rest of us in the group were firefighters and drove there in our truck to rescue the people and put out the fire. It was great fun! The children learned the procedure for calling 911 as well. Now would be a great time to help your child memorize his/her address and phone numbers.

Outdoors we found all kinds of ice and icicles! I took down a ton of them from the outdoor classroom roof and barn roof for safety reasons. The children loved handling, observing, and even tasting the ice! They also finished the suet cakes outdoors. They played chasing games and other exciting things.

Lead Frog Teacher

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