Frog Class Winter Picnic

Today was a mild winter day, with warm sunshine. Our thermometer at Toad Mountain read 65 degrees! We decided to have a picnic in such nice weather! Other outdoor activities included the game “Run Rabbit, Run!” (their new favorite running game), drawing and coloring on stumps, petting and feeding the goats, turning over logs and boards to observe earthworms and grubs, and hiding under tarps (with eyes exposed).

During small group time some of the children learned about how some animals eat a lot to make more fat under their skin. This insulates them from the cold. The children put on disposable gloves and coated them in Crisco. Then they put another disposable glove on the Crisco-covered one to be the “skin” Then the children put their insulated hands in icy water. They noticed that it still felt cold, but not as cold as just bare hands! The other group had Al’s Pals today. They learned about the feelings happy and sad and how to recognize it in others’ facial expressions. They also sang a song to help them remember the lesson.

Centers this morning included sleepy-time dress-up, stringing beads on yarn, building 3-D structures with junk, and flour with woodland animals. The children found some beans later in the day and pretended to be squirrels, eating a lot, and then sleeping in the cozy blankets. Some children loved making “snow” mountains in the flour. Others made very long strings of beads to wear. It was another day of creativity and fun!

Lead Frog Teacher

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