Tadpole Class: Hot and Cold, Fire and Water

A sneak peak at what our Tadpole students are exploring this month:

In keeping with the themes hot, cold, fire, and water, the Tadpole class will be exploring all through water in all its states and we’ll explore fire. We will have books to read and ice to hold and we will feel the differences between warm and cold water.

To bring the concept of fire to life, we will talk about firemen, ambulances, and the danger of fire. For hot and cold, we’ll discuss appropriate clothing for different temperatures and how animal fur helps keep some animals warm during winter.

One of my favorite states of water is solid in a fine crystaline form (also known as snow). I look forward to making snow angels and engaging in snow ball tosses with the Tadpoles. The snow provides a great opportunity to discuss appropriate winter clothing, as well.

Water is one of the most fascinating (to me, at least), and most abundant, resources on the planet and I look forward to exploring it with the Tadpoles.

Lead Tadpole Teacher


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