Frog Class: Hot and Cold, Fire and Water

A sneak peak at what our Frog students are exploring this month:

Hot and cold. In the middle of winter we can more readily experience both extremities. Cold weather will not keep our Frogs from playing outdoors. They will experience the chill of the wind on their noses but at the same time feel warm inside their coats, hats, and gloves. We look forward to cooking warm soups, building fires, and finding out how physical activity affects one’s body temperature. At the same time we’ll experience the cold of ice, both outside and in, figure out how and why it forms, what causes it to melt or to freeze, etc.

This month we’ll also begin to learn about the community outside just our own families. We hope to have a visit from a real live firefighter, and learn about what an ambulance does. Children who are familiar with these community helpers will be more comfortable in an emergency situation. Having these concrete experiences can also spark a child’s imagination, creating engaging pretend play. Perhaps some children might take on the roles of firefighter and ambulance driver for themselves.

Lead Frog Teacher


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