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This fall season has been a whirl of activity.  Our October theme of preparing for winter was not only for the squirrels and migrating birds!  We prepared for a very successful Fall Festival. In addition we prepared for the upcoming cold by getting our fire pit and fire wood stocked; mulching our paths and gardens; rebuilding the goat pen and applying siding on the barn which sandwiches the new insulation for added warmth.

The funds from the Fall Festival sponsors and donors, led by an early sponsorship from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nicholson, helped prepare our classrooms for the cold: we were able to replace our crumbling 60 year old windows.

The new mobile chicken coop, made possible by the generous donation from Marianne and Peter Martz, will keep our chickens warm and safe from predators during the “Hungry Moon” time in February when the predators become quite bold.

Our ducks, who are quite self-insulated have inherited the old chicken coop.  As ”Mother Duck,” I cannot relax until I know everyone is safe and sound for the upcoming cold and wind.  As of this weekend, the goat barn is completed, we stocked 30 bales of hay in the hay barn to last through the winter, and all seems prepared at “the Pond.” I am breathing a sigh of relief as I relieve my car of jigsaw, hammers, wire, nails, and lumber.

As we proceed further into this season of Family Gatherings and celebrate food and family, I would like to say how pleased I was with the Frog Pond Family participation in making the second annual Fall Festival a lovely relaxed day.

Our guests felt welcomed as they enjoyed the activities and refreshments.  The fire and bread and apples on the stones made for a wonderful autumn aroma that goes back to our heritage.  It was a time when many hands made the labor fun and not too overwhelming.  Thanks go out to our guest artists, Gregory Woods, Becca Tinker, Cheryl Sabo, and Herb Tyson who provided the drum circle, music and movement, singing and storytelling.

Now as we proceed toward the Thanksgiving holiday our attention will go to family, as we share food and good times together.  We will be talking about the gathering of relatives and friends to celebrate life in all its dimensions.

I wish all of our Frog Pond Family members a peaceful and relaxed Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Remember to fill the house with hugs and the traditional aromas of your family heritage.  Multisensory memories are the deepest and longest lasting!

Pam Tinker, Mother Duck


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