Ingathering & Harvest by Mother Duck

The following is an excerpt from our September newsletter by our school founder, Pam. Tinker. Enjoy!

September is always a “coming home” time at Frog Pond.  We have completed our summer adventures and are begining the routines of another year. It is good to have all of our travelers back home and to welcome our new Frog Pond Family members. Our Dragonfly Class is off to a new adventure in Kindergarten. We hope to hear their tales of new experiences when they return for the Fall Festival on October 22nd.

While September is a time for ingathering and developing routines that will give us the foundation for the new year, it is also a time when we observe the end phase of our gardens. We learn about harvest and the ways people and our critter neighbors create seed banks, disburse the seeds, and store and preserve foods to ensure that we have nutrients over the winter and that the cycle can repeat again. We have been observing the seeds and nuts as they mature over the summer. It is important that when Spring planting time arrives, we know that the seeds in those little packages were developed in many miraculous forms by Mother Earth.

September is also the time we prepare for our 2nd Annual Fall Festival.  We try to make the festival as simple and as nature-based as possible. We know that our families are busy with work and raising young children so the festival jobs are designed to be done in shifts that do not require much preparation prior to the day of the festival. The Fall Work Party prepares our land for the Winter and for the guests that will be touring the school and enjoying our grounds at the festival.

Prior to the festival preparations, we mailed requests for sponsors. The sponsorships are an important part of our annual cycle. Sponsorship is a sustaining activity that is vital to our ability to provide rich and varied experiences for our children. Just as we think ahead for future needs with seed banks, the Fall Festival helps to sustain Frog Pond by providing for very important expenditures that keep us safe and enriched.

This year, we have pre-purchased items out of necessity, such as a replacement for a failed air conditioning unit (at a cost of $4,000) and a new goat barn roof that we are certain will not blow off or collapse under the weight of snow and leave our goat friends wet and cold this winter. We have a long wish list of items that are required to maintain the facility in good order. In addition, there are many trainings we would like to send our staff members to so that they can bring back new skills and knowledge to further enrich our program.

I hope that you will consider being a sponsor or arranging for your business to be a sponsor.  Also, if you have friends, relatives, neighbors or colleagues that might like to be acknowledged as a sponsor of our nature-based educational endeavor, please let them know about the opportunity. We had a beautiful day and a very good start at our first annual Frog Pond Fall Festival last year so the foundation has been laid for a ritual that sustains us in our yearly cycle.

Pam Tinker, Mother Duck

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