Creating a First-Rate First Aid Kit

Friend of Frog Pond, Tim MacWelch, the Director of The Earth Connection School shared the following tips to creating a complete first aid kit.

A first aid kit is a critical survival tool, but it’s one of the most frequently overlooked categories of survival equipment. Without the kit and its included supplies, many injuries that occur in survival scenarios would be exceedingly difficult to treat.

A first aid kit can be thought of as a survival kit in and of itself. Yes, the medical supplies therein can help you survive, but why stop there? Even the smallest of my first aid kits can fire-starting equipment, like matches and lighters. They can also have shelter items like space blankets or at least garbage bags to improvise shelter. Emergencies come in all shapes and forms. Be prepared!

Supplies for your first aid kit:

  • 10 Alcohol swabs – to prevent infection
  • 1 Medium tube of antibiotic cream – to prevent infection
  • 4 Burn gel packets – for burn relief and to keep bandages from sticking to the burn
  • 40 Assorted Band Aids – to bandage wounds
  • 2 Small rolls of waterproof tape – to bandage wounds
  • 10 Small gauze pads (4″ x 4″) – to bandage wounds
  • 8 Small non-stick gauze pads (4″ x 4″) – to bandage wounds, especially burns
  • 6 Large gauze pads – to bandage wounds
  • 2 Gauze rolls – to bandage wounds
  • Ace Bandage – to apply pressure to wounds, and to immobilize joints and limbs
  • SAM Splint – to immobilize joints and limbs
  • Meds like Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Anti-diarrhea tablets, Antacid tablets, Antihistamine
  • Razor blade – as an emergency cutting tool
  • Non-latex gloves – for the prevention of contamination
  • Kwik Clot wound dressing – to control severe bleeding
  • EMT shears – to cut clothing and bandages
  • Wound irrigation device or eye wash – to remove debris from the eyes and rough or deep wounds
  • Glass thermometer – to determine body temperature for fever, hypothermia and heat-related illness
  • Large needle – to dig out splinters, and to lance boils and other sealed infections
  • 1 Book of matches & 2 lighters – for emergency fire starting and heat sanitization of metal equipment
  • Tweezers – to remove splinters and foreign objects
  • Space Blanket – for emergency shelter and shock management

Stock up and stay safe!

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