Fall Festival Sponsors: Thank You!

Our 2nd Annual Fall Festival is coming soon … Saturday, October 22nd, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.!

Just as our Work Parties physically maintain our grounds and facility, the Fall Festival supports our financial requirements.  A good fund-raising ritual, helps to keep our tuition rates affordable and keep our facility well-maintained.

Each year there are large items such as air conditioner units that must be replaced. These items are beyond the scope of what our tuition revenue provides.  We have designed an annual event that is simple, low in time commitment and is a fun way to bring the community, including our donors and alumni, together at Frog Pond.

The event is open to the community (so invite extended family, friends and neighbors!)

Thank you to the following sponsors who have already contributed to our fundraising effort:

  • Pinto Contractors
  • Tom and Katherine Galliot
  • John Bryan, Attorney at Law
  • Richard Diggs, Next Door Neighbor, Alexandria Pest Service
  • Grounded Coffee
  • Rorer’s Produce
  • Oscar Chavez with Chavez Landscaping
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