Father’s Day and Turtles at Frog Pond

Turtles are everywhere at Frog Pond these days! What more could a nature-based preschool ask for?

Not only did we have a Mama Turtle come to Toad Mountain, dig a hole and then lay her eggs in it before descending Toad Mountain on the slide (yes, it’s true!), but we have had turtles as regular visitors throughout the spring and now into the summer.

And, of course, there are the two new resident turtles, Fiona and Yertle, in the Frog classroom.

Keeping with the turtle theme, for Father’s Day, students created turtles using stones that they collected from around the school yard. Students selected their stones, painted them in colors and designs of their choosing, and showed teachers how the smaller stones, which were used for the head and feet, should be placed when glued onto the large stone. Leaves and other natural elements were used for the tails. The results were delightful!

One student pointed out that the stones with stripes in them, like a rainbow, were wishing stones.

Students have also been drawing turtles.


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