A Day in the Life of Our Frogs: Frogs in the Woods

Lead Frog Teacher, Sue, regularly journals about the adventures at Frog Pond. Here some highlights from earlier this week:

We started a walk in the woods in three small groups. As we walked we wore our fox ears and our owl eyes and we used our fox walk. This was all to prevent the birds from noticing us and becoming quiet. While we were quietly noticing things, we were hearing the birds calling and seeming not to be alarmed by the strangers in the woods.

We saluted Grandmother Oak and Grandfather Oak as we passed.

What do we call the other giant Oak that fell last summer? Uncle Oak? Cousin? Anyway, the children were anxious to honor it by climbing its “tree”-mendous trunk But the poison ivy crept too close to its sides for our comfort.

We tried sit spots today in the wild flower meadow. Everyone sat apart from one another for five minutes.  When one child began to  get restless the sit spot time was ended.  But as we left the meadow several children asked why they had to quit so soon!   Before we moved onto Toad Mountain, several children shared their morning story.  There were birds that some saw and others heard and many butterflies today  Later, one student got out the butterfly chart to look for the butterflies he saw today. He was moved to research butterflies after his experience.

Sue ~ Lead Frog Teacher

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