Tadpole Tidbits from Bern

“I cultivate my garden, and my garden cultivates me.”  This is a quote by Robert Brault, a freelance writer, where his idea captured the Tadpole learning experience of gardening. Our gardening allowed us to understand the very basics of the life cycle of plants – how a plant begins as a seed and overtime grows into something beautiful.

In the past few months, we have planted violas, sunflowers, and herbs. We have also sprouted and planted lima beans. Through a generous gift from our Frog Pond Parent Forum, we recently planted hyacinths. We took notice to the growth our plants made and realize that the plants do indeed start as seeds.

In addition to gardening, we noticed life within our plants. We noticed that other creatures do live in the earth. For us, worms were an interesting study. We created a habitat for our worms and realized that they like dark, moist places. We also discussed how they can help our plants develop.

In June, we plan to maintain our gardening. Our care plan includes water and sunlight.  Though, we cannot physically bring the sun to our flowers. We will observe how our garden reacts to the sun. We will also supply water to our garden and appreciate the growth they’ve made.

We thank our parents for the wonderful gift!

Bern ~ Lead Tadpole Teacher

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