Tadpole Tidbits: Celebrating Winter

Is it an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter? Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring. But, the Tadpoles predicted more winter. In opposition to the famous groundhog, we saw our shadows follow our every move. Inspired by Eric Carleā€™s book, From Head to Toe, we bent our necks like giraffes, kicked our legs like donkeys, clapped our hands like seals, and more. And, guess what? Our shadows followed!

In celebration of the winter season, we shoveled snow and ice into buckets and colored them with food coloring. We observed different footprints from a variety of animals. And, we also tracked our own.

To top off the winter season, we made and ate strawberry sorbet with an ice cream maker. We observed how the sorbet moved in a circular motion in the machine. We also noticed how cold the sorbet was in our mouths. Currently, we are enjoying the taste of Winter and we look forward to the Spring!

– Bern, Lead Tadpole Teacher

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