Tadpole Class Nature Journal: Feb. 10th

A Visit to Huntley Meadows

Last night there was a light sprinkling of snow – Just enough to show footprints beautifully. Our trip to Huntley Meadows became an adventure into a mystery – “who walked here?”

We saw tracks of a small rabbit, two dear (one adult and one small0, lots of small birds, many dogs and their owners, and a tiny animal that must have been a mouse or chipmunk or other very small animal. We enjoyed making prints of our own, too.

One child noticed a broken tree. One noticed a brush pile. We talked about small animals taking refuge in the nooks of the brush pile. We saw lots of birds in one brush pile.

We saw woodpecker holes in a dead tree and heard the tapping sound of a woodpecker far in the woods. We stopped at the visitor center’s bird seed and suet buffet to watch birds.

By this time, the Tadpoles were tired and cold so we set off to come home to Frog Pond. For nap time story we read “Footprints in the snow.”

– Science Sarah

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