Tadpole Class Nature Journal: Nov. 4, 2010

Rainy Day Today!

We played with flashlights! Everyone wanted a light. They learned how to turn the lights on by sliding the buttons up. The loved shining the lights on the ceiling and wiggling them. One child did not make the connection between the flashlight in her hand and the light on the wall. One wanted to chase and catch all of the lights he could see. Another was the first to discover that he could stand close to the wall, then make the light grow bigger, smaller, or disappear behind the flashlight.

We practiced the words: light, dark, on, off, flashlight and saying, “help, please.”

We turned off the overhead lights so the flashlights would appear brighter. The children had fun testing cause and effect by playing with the light switches. We tried some shadow play, but stopped for lunch. There are lots more possibilities to explore.

– Science Sarah

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